Terms and Conditions

(a) Words which are Capitalised have meanings as defined in this agreement and as set out in the schedule to this agreement.

(a) The Owner agrees to let the Yacht to the Charterer for the Charter Period on the terms and conditions set out in each individual company's agreement (including the schedule) ("charterer").

3.(a) A deposit amount, set by the individual company's payment schedule - typically 20-50% of the Total Charter cost must be paid to secure the booking, with the balance to be paid in full as per the time-frame stipulated within the individual Terms and Conditions between Charterer and Charter Company prior to the commencement of the Charter.

3.(b) Payments may be made by way of Credit Card, or Electronic Funds Transfer.

3. (c) Extra charges incurred by the Charterer or any passenger during the Charter must be paid prior to departing the Vessel at the completion of the Charter.


4. (a) The booking and cancellation policy for your vessel charter holiday will depend on the Vessel that you have booked. Each vessel will harbour their own specific terms and conditions relevant to their company's product policies. Please refer to each yacht’s individual Terms and Conditions web page on our website to find the relevant details for your booking, or contact our Experienced Charter Advisors via bookings@whitsundaybluecharteradvisors.com or 1300 829 600.


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